How I fixed distorted/scratchy Laptop Speaker

Few months ago, my currently using Acer Laptop’s Speaker becomes distorted/scratchy/”sabog” on medium to high volume level. I am trying to figure out what is the culprit of the problem, and I noticed something on the physical part of the speaker inside the laptop.

So I tried to open my laptop and saw this:

Speaker has so many small metal dirt. Speaker contains electromagnetic, which causes any small metal to attract on it and affects the performance of the speaker. So I used paint brush to remove the small metal dirts

See the small metal dirt after cleaning using the brush:

I remember few months ago, we did a drilling of metal plates which causes this small metal dirt and attracts to the Laptop’s Speaker.

After this, my Laptop’s Speaker is now back to its original sound, and the scratchy,distorted,”basag” sound at high level volume is now gone. 🙂

Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV

Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV


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  1. Nice blog post sir, keep it up! Like the short and direct to the point post. 🙂

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