Best Selling Affordable yet Quality Portable Speaker: JBL GO!

Few months ago, I am looking for an Affordable yet Quality Portable Speaker in the market. There are lots of affordable portable speakers but one of the best that I’ve checked was the JBL GO. One of my co-developer, Laurenze, owned this speaker and it always rocks our office with quality music.

This portable speaker comes with a great packaging:

The packaging contains the manual, usb connector, and the speaker itself.

The JBL Go  comes with the mic, aux(in) port and charging port on the side.
So your old audio/mp3 player can be directly connected to the JBL aux port (You need to purchase aux cable separately)

JBL Go’s red led indicator will lit up once it was charging and it will disappear once it was fully charged. I also noticed that JBL Go will cut its charging power once it was fully charged so you wouldn’t worry about it like other cheap products being prone to explosion or short circuit.

I always use my JBL Go while driving, and it usually lasts up to 6-8 hours of medium-high level volume. It’s Bluetooth functionality didn’t malfunction unlike other BT Speakers.  You can also use this on receiving calls and it has a good sensitivity on the mic.

I’ve purchased my JBL GO in Shopee.ph worth Php 1,200, but now it was offered with P899. From Shopee Mall (Shopee’s Merchant Account) It was sold for more than 3,700 and it has more than 2000 ratings, so we could say that the product was legit and has a good true quality.




Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV

Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV


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