Philippines’ Ubuntu Mirror Servers

Today I tried to download a Ubuntu Server but it takes several hours. The Main Ubuntu Server might be loaded of traffic which was being used by millions of Users worldwide, one good thing is that there is a Mirror Servers located in Philippines.

Advantage of using Mirror Servers

“Mirroring helps reduce network traffic, hence, saves International bandwidth and cost, and enables faster downloads and information access to Ubuntu users.” excerpt from “http://pregi.net/media/news/dost-asti-the-country-mirror-for-ubuntu/

Philippines Ubuntu Mirror Servers

Setting Up your Ubuntu Server to use Mirror Server

  1. From your terminal, execute “sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list” or you can use your own editor such as vim.

  2. Comment out the existing first 3 lines by adding “#” on the first character of every line
  3. Paste the following:
    deb http://mirror.rise.ph/ubuntu bionic main
    deb http://mirror.rise.ph/ubuntu bionic-security main
    deb http://mirror.rise.ph/ubuntu bionic-updates main
  4. Your sources.list should be look like below, save the file by ctrl+o, and exit by ctrl+x.
  5. Try to execute “sudo apt-get update“, and you will getting Hit on “mirror.rise.ph” which means you are now using the mirror server.


Setting Up your Ubuntu Desktop to use Mirror Server

  1. Look for “Software & Updates
  2. On Ubuntu Software Tab, Choose “Others” on Download from field:
  3. A prompt will be shown, Select “Philippines” from the list, then choose server between mirror.pregi.net (DOST-ASTI) or mirror.rise.ph (Rise.PH) then click Choose Server button
  4. Enter your user password to authenticate
  5. Click Close button from Software & Update window
  6. Click “Reload” on prompt
  7. On your terminal, try to execute “sudo apt-get update
  8. You would see getting “Get/Hit” on mirror.rise.ph which means your are now using the Philippines’ Ubuntu Mirror Server


Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV

Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV


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