Ubuntu: Sharing Internet Connection from WiFi to Lan

If you have an older device that doesn’t have WiFi Connection and you need to have an internet connection then this guide might help you.

I do have an older Raspberry Pi B+ model which doesn’t have WiFi Connection and there is no available LAN Cable going to our router. What i do have is my laptop which has WiFi and LAN Adapter and thinking of sharing my internet connection from my WiFi and pass it through the LAN. 


Step 1: On your Laptop with Ubuntu OS, go to terminal (Ctrl + T) and type: “nm-connection-editor” and it will prompt the Network Connections

Step 2: Click the Wired Connection under Ethernet, and click Edit.

Step 3: Click the IPv4 Settings tab from the prompt window.

Step 4: Choose “Shared to other computers” from Method dropdown and click Save button.

Step 5: Connect your device to the Laptop’s LAN Port using Patch Cord.


From this point, your device must have an internet connection.

The following steps are optional:

Step 6: Check now if Laptop’s LAN Connection is active, Click the Network Manager and click Connection Information

Step 7: If you have IP Scanner like Angry IP Scanner, then you can use it to check the IP Address of the Device:


Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV

Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV


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