How I failed my LFCS Exam?

Last April 1, I finished my LFS201: Essentials of Linux System Administration Training in The Linux Foundation.

I Purchased the training last December 2019 during the black Friday sale. It took me 1.5 year to finish the course, originally it should be ended Last December 2020, but I email them for extension request. They granted me another 4 months, which will expire this April 15, 2021.

Originally, I scheduled the LFCS Exam on April 2, 2021, but since i wasn’t able to finish the course in March 31, i decided to reschedule the exam, thankfully I still have more than 24hours before exam so i could reschedule. I successfully reschedule the exam on April 3, 2021. Giving me April 1 to finish the LFS201 Course and April 2 to have a review day.

During, April 1 morning, I finished the LFS201 Course, and right away they sent out me the Training Certificate:

Our Family Picture as my Wallpaper and my Inspiration. Tux from The Linux Foundation. My Digital Certificate


During April 1 of afternoon, I started to review, and i read the “Certification Preparation Guide” by The Linux Foundation. It give outs the topics of exams and its weight. Also I look their LFCS Practice Questions, I was shock on the difficulty of practice exam.

The exam was a performance based exam, typically 20-24 items, Time limit of 2 Hours, averaging of 5 mins per task.

I look online articles and blogs regarding LFCS, So I found out this Blog “How to prepare and pass Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) exam” written by Oleksandr Bohovyk. This was very big help during my review.

So i have only 1 day to prepare for the exam, since i have a Oracle VM Virtualbox, i downloaded Ubuntu 18.04 Server Edition image and installed it on my Virtualbox.

Domains & Competencies for exam:

  • Essential Commands — 25%
  • Operation of Running Systems — 20%
  • User and Group Management — 10%
  • Networking — 12%
  • Service Configuration — 20%
  • Storage Management — 13%

During my review, I started to do the Practice Questions which was stated above, after that, i started to browse the expanded explanation of Oleksandr of each domains & competencies, and all of them appeared on the performance based exam.

So how i failed the exam? 

  • You must memorize the commands and its parameters and arguments. I know the command but i forgot the parameters so i wasn’t able to perform.  Specially on the Storage Management (Raid, Partition, etc..),
  • Time Pressured. You have 20-24 sets of task, but you will be surprised that some of the task have several sub-task, which i remember max of 6.  Remember that you have average of 5 mins per task.
  • Spending too much time on reading man pages 😀 😀 :D. I still remember, i was on the task #8, and i consumed almost 50% of time allotted, this was my biggest mistake.
  • Weird Task, there is 1 weird task that i need to perform but the tool/application is not installed and the path of the folder is not indicated. (Libvirt)
  • Focusing on task with low score weight. I spent more time on finishing task with low score weight (2%-3%), i should skipped those task and focus more on task with higher score weight (5%-8%).
  • Prior Experience should be a must, if you are a Linux system administrator, then you should have a higher possibility of passing the exam. Since i don’t have a strong experience and exposure on Linux system administration so I failed the exam.

Here is the result of my exam:


I scored 46%, haha, and i have 1 Free retake of exam which is valid until April 18.

I will update you everyone for the outcome of my retake of the exam.



Thanks to my inspirations:
Jenny, Jervyna & Jazmin


Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV

Kevin San Jose, VCP6-DCV


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