CSJP eLearning Advisory

April 5, 2020 21:31 PM

Dear Paulinians: Though much of the nation has come to a halt, educating our students will never stop. We continue to achieve beyond what's expected. And during this crisis is no exception.
Our CSJP E learning System has helped us continue our learning with ease powered by technology.

It has come to our attention that other students have limited resources at this time. We understand and practice leniency for passing of activities for at least 1 week after due date. If this is still not feasible, we can coordinate with you regarding another activity after the quarantine period. Rest assured that we are one with you in this crisis. We will hold your hands, together for a brighter future. Your safety is our outmost priority.

Thank you for your cooperation.

God bless us all.

CSJP Management

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